What’s in an Email Verifier?


We here at Campaignconnex have a focus on innovation and driving change while adding value for our customers. To do that we’ve invested in developing a new tool to enhance deliverability for our customers and help cut out the bad data, maximizing the % of your emails that hit inboxes, which in turn will maximize profits for you!

For those new to the topic of deliverability, ensuring you have valid email addresses will cut down on the cost of sending emails, as well as the bounce rates you get from them, and that’s the most important bit because if your domain gets associated with too many bounces then your reputation will be affected and more of your emails will be sent to spam folders.

With Campaignconnex’s new email address verification tool however you won’t need to worry. Simply upload your list (or head to an existing one) and choose to verify it. This will push it through the process for you, where you simply pay and wait as our tool processes your list checking 000s of emails per second to produce a breakdown of your results.

You then need only choose whether to remove only the emails marked as undeliverable (completely wrong) from your list or if you also want to remove those seen as being Risky (likely to be wrong) or Unknown (verification attempt blocked by the server). Once you’ve made your choice you can be happy knowing that you won’t be hit with a massive bounce rate and that your deliverability and online reputation can only improve from there.

Prices starting from just $2.50 for 500 emails!

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