The 7 biggest mistakes in Email Marketing

  1. Over-hyped subject lines

One thing that customers dislike the most is when a subject line implies something and the message turns out to be something else.  Trick your recipients into an open and you’ll lose their trust very quickly.

  1. The email from address is ‘noreply’

Email marketing is about prospect engagement and nurturing. Don’t spoil what could be a beautiful relationship with a ‘don’t call me, I’ll call you’ attitude.

  1. Email contains too many CTA’s

Where to read, where to click?  Some emails are just too cluttered and confusing with multiple CTA’s vying for attention. Remember less is more. Stick to one goal, one CTA and one clear message.

  1. Email doesn’t contain a text link

If recipients don’t ‘download images’ will they see your Call to Action? Don’t lose clicks from people that don’t like downloading images willy nilly. Give them text links and be sure to include one above the fold and one below the fold.

  1. A personalisation faux pas

Oh no, you hit send on that campaign without testing it fully and now your email has gone out to lots of people that apparently go by the name of .

  1. No images

Use at least one image in your email. Our users report higher open and click rates every time images are included within email.

  1. Too many or too few emails are sent.

One of the most frequent mistakes email marketers make is underestimating or overestimating the frequency with which their subscribers wish to hear from them.  Check out this blog for more advice on email frequency.

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