Targeting your Audience through Social Media

Are you targeting enough with Social Media?

With so much emphasis on social media in B2B marketing strategies, it’s hard sometimes to see the wood for the trees. The principles of good marketing haven’t changed just the tools and combination of tools to achieve your objectives. The keys to effective digital marketing campaigns are robust targeting, intriguing messages, and genuine value propositions.

With so many online ‘connecting’ platforms the opportunity to target clusters of business and individual company names has never been easier.

Why would you want to target individual firms?

• You have a product/service that specific firms need to complement their own

• You’re expanding your channel and so targeting a very specific company type and size, and want to maximize your impact

• You wish to nurture existing customers or reach out to new key influencers at target companies

• You’re looking to develop relationship rather than transactional selling

The Bottom Line?

The ability to target specific industries, job functions, revenue tiers, and specific companies via an intelligent display advertising strategy gives new opportunities to develop focused targeted campaigns.

The online display can now be a demand generation tactic, along with content syndication and paid search its ability to drive low-cost qualified leads that meet B2B advertisers’ target demographics is impressive.

When combined with a content-rich and value proposition-focused Email Marketing campaign, a well-executed and data-managed social media campaign can maximize the potential value of every brand interaction.

Less can sometimes be more. If people invest in the data development and planning of their campaigns upfront; the leads and opportunities generated can be that bit richer and better qualified.

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