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Email marketing is a brilliant way to engage with your clients, but you need to do it the right way or else it can backfire. People like receiving good quality content, but with the number of spammers out there, good companies like yours can sometimes struggle to get your voices heard properly.

Email providers are under pressure to ensure their spam filters are well equipped to stop bogus emails from arriving in their clients’ inboxes, particularly those that might be related to online scams. With such advanced technology in place to stop these emails however, a lot of good emails also get mistakenly filtered out of inboxes where they really should be pride of place. What can you do about it though? Spam testing, that’s what, and that’s what Campaignconnex has delivered for you.


Working hard with our team of developers we have put together our own bespoke service for spam testing that will review every email that you put together before you send it. This will be processed through our clever technology and flag up issues that providers like outlook or apple mail might use to decide that your email is a spam email rather than a genuine one. Armed with this information you can tailor and tweak your messages to make sure they land in the maximum number of inboxes possible, and with more successful deliveries comes greater opportunities for engagement. You’re welcome!

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