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Our New, Easy, Built-In Process for Sign Up Forms

Subscribers that’s what we want; people to engage with the content we spend hours creating. How we get those subscribers differs depending on our own marketing strategies, but one way we’ve always used is through sign up forms, as we know they work. Building them, knowing where to put them and how to integrate them with our email providers can be a nightmare though.

Luckily Campaignconnex has decided to work on that problem for our customers and we can now reveal that we have created three new easy to use and deploy sign up options. Simply add a list into our list management section, review our different options for building the right sign up option for you, choose one and get going. It’s as simple as that really, and you can start building new sign-ups for your lists in minutes.

Choose to go with a small button to keep on your own site, or a prebuilt form on a page hosted by us, or if you’re a bit more adventurous you can even use our form builder and put together something bespoke. Our form options come with the ability to decide on single opt-in status, or to go with double opt-in status for greater confidence in your subscribers, something we’ve found often also leads to higher engagement levels.

You should give it a try, go on! It’s incredibly easy, and we’re on hand every step of the way as always with our amazing customer support if you have any further questions or need to talk things through.

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