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Data is King. That’s the simple truth of marketing, the better your data, the more you can do with it. That is, if you have the tools to support that, and we do with our new advanced segmentation options – if your data can support it, our system can deliver it, check it out below!

What we’ve done:

We’ve introduced advanced custom segmentation, allowing you to create segments based off specific rules for creating subsects of your data for targeted campaigns. So whether you want to send only to male / female audiences, or whether you want something more advanced, our software can cut and dice your data giving you exactly what you’re looking for! 

How it works:

First you choose what you want to create, so in this case I’m looking for HR contacts in the retail industry in order to do a very targeted campaign. You then go to your list, create a new segment and choose the conditions you need for my data to be reviewed on – in this case looking for contacts whose job function is HR, and who work in the Retail industry.



Once you’ve done that, you just save the segment and voila! You now have a separate list of just those contacts that you can use for your campaign without having to export any data or upload any new lists!

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