Non Profits, get ready for your strongest year yet.

Campaignconnex delivers a quick and easy way for non-profits to send effective email campaigns. With our easy-to-use platform, creating emails that help extend donor relationships and hit new fundraising goals is simpler than ever before. Plus, non-profits save 15% with Campaignconnex every day.

Don’t settle for hitting goals—make plans to exceed them.

Nonprofit email marketing is the fastest, most cost-effective way to maximize contributions, re-engage lapsed donors, and drive attendance to your next event. With our industry-leading support team, Campaignconnex’s is here to see your mission succeed.

Marketing automation keeps donors connected and engaged

Our easy-to-use automation process allows you to drip-feed email campaigns, drive donations, and foster ongoing engagement with new and returning donors automatically. A number of Non-profit organizations use our marketing automation processes to track their donors’ contribution date and automatically send an invitation to give again after a certain length of time has passed.

Raise more money.

Power your ongoing and emergency fundraising efforts quickly and seamlessly.

Re-engage past donors.

Reconnect your relationships with lapsed donors. Understanding your donor’s needs throughout the engagement process becomes a critical part of your campaign program. 

Send exclusive invitations.

By setting reminder triggers in your automation campaigns, you can ensure that important events are marked on donor calendars with special invitations.

Nonprofits save 15% on every campaign they send with Campaignconnex.

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