The Options in the Editor Tools

Navigating new tools can be tricky, especially if you don’t understand all of the key terms / actions outlined in the tool. Sometimes trial and error can be a successful way of getting familiar with a tool, but often it’s useful to have a glossary you can come to for insight.

I have therefore listed below a breakdown of all of the terms / actions in our Email / Landing Page Editors, split by location, and included links for how-to guides on specific sections;

Options in the Header:

  • Preview / Test – a drop down button, with: 
  • Preview – this button shows you how a viewer would see your Email / Landing Page if they were viewing it on a desktop, as well as the option to show how it will appear on a mobile device, to make sure you are happy with your design choices. 
  • Send Test Email – exclusive to the email editor, this function allows you to input up to 5 email addresses to send a test version of your campaign to. This can allow you to spot errors in the text, as well as confirm design choices, and ensure sign off from other members of the team, as needed.
  • Save and Next – this button will save your template and progress you through to the next stage of the Campaign Set-up Process. 

 The “Add Content” Tab:

  • Text – Creates a text box which can be customized – for details on how to visit the guide by clicking here
  • Image + Logo – Creates an image block which you can drag and drop your images into. These can be customized to suit your purposes. The Logo block is slightly different in that it has been designed to be smaller – used to house your company logo (with slightly different customizable options) – view our guide on How to Customize Images and Logos by clicking here
  • Spacer – this creates a horizontal blank space between 2 elements. You can increase / decrease the size of this space as desired by dragging up / down when holding your mouse over the spacer
  • Divider – this creates blank space for 2 items to sit side by side in a new layout. These elements can then be filled by dragging text / image blocks over from the menu and placing them inside the blue areas
  • Button – creates a call to action button which drops in to your text – this can be customized to suit your requirements. For details on how to customize this element please view our guide here
  • Social links – this creates pictures of the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn icons by default and adds them to your template. You can then remove any icons you don’t want, and choose to also add additional icons from a choice of Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest. Once added, you can easily change the size and color schemes as desired.
  • Video – this pulls across a video block onto your Email / Landing Page. You then input the URL of your Vimeo / Youtube file and a snapshot will be embedded here. For emails, this will become a link that heads out to the video, but for landing pages, this will embed the actual video allowing your subscribers to play it on the page.
  • Form Builder – exclusive to the Landing Page Editor, this element allows you to create and customize forms to capture subscriber data and gate exclusive content. For details on how to use our Form Builder please view our guide by clicking here

The “Customize” Tab

  • Default Colors and Fonts – this section allows you to set the standard colour / fonts for your template before beginning, ensuring you stick to your corporate guidelines throughout the template creation process.
  • Header / Footer – this section allows you to change the default font colours, size and family of the Click here to view online, address, subscription reminder and unsubscribe features of your template.
  • Language – this section allows you to change the default language of the Click here to view online and unsubscribe buttons.

For further advice on navigating the Editor tools why not reach out to a support rep via live chat?

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