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As with any new piece of software, understanding how different elements work can often prove tricky. Segmentation is a good example of this. Segmentation is a powerful data management technique that, when used effectively, can make a significant difference to the results of a marketing campaign by fuelling automated lists for personalized campaigns.

To put it simply, you can segment a list to break down your subscribers into sub sects based on anything from Gender, to bespoke fields like type of database licensing – as long as you have the information to segment based on. This is a powerful tool and is something we made sure to include in our software to help our users maximize the response rates from their campaigns.

When using our segmentation tool please note that:

“Rule type” refers to the type of information you wish to segment based on (e.g. “Gender”, “Type of Database Licensing”)

“Add another condition” – refers to adding an additional rule type for numerous condition segmentation, making use of the ANY / ALL Clauses outlined below.

“ANY / ALL” Clauses  – these clauses allow you to segment based on numerous conditions but each gives you a different outcome – for example if I wanted to segment based on subscribers being Male (Gender), IT Managers (Job Title), and from New York (City) my list can be made of:

  • ALL: Male IT Managers from New York
  • ANY: Male IT Managers from Anywhere, Males from New York with any job title, Female IT Managers from Anywhere, and Females from New York with any job title.

In this case, I would obviously want to use the “ALL” clause, based on my requirements, but if I was looking for IT Managers and HR Managers only then my outcomes would be different – the ALL clause would present no results (as no one in my database is both an IT Manager and an HR Manager), whereas the ANY clause presents me with only HR and IT Managers – which meets my requirements.


For a guide on how to access / execute segmentation please click here

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