List Management Terms / Actions



Understanding all the different options available to you for a topic like data / list management is key to being able to optimize your campaign performance. That’s why we have outlined all of the terms / actions below as a quick guide to help you get to grips with this section of our website smoothly. 

On the main tab of the List Management section, these are your options, and their explanations:

  • “Subscriber Types” – Create a sub-sect of your list segmented by their current status – Active Contact, Unsubscribed, Bounced etc
  • “All Segments” – This section allows you to drill down into the segments you have created by clicking to choose between seeing all segments together (i.e the Main List) or each one individually
  • “Verify” – this passes the chosen contacts through a verification process, allowing you to test the likelihood of emails hitting these inboxes
  • “Unsubscribe” or “Delete” – allowing you to manually unsubscribe or delete recipients if and when you are requested to do so by the recipient (or choose to do so yourself)
  • “Export” – pull down a CSV file of your list to review / amend in excel format
  • Upload / Add Subscribers” – these are the two options you can click to continue creating your list

By navigating across to the other 3 tabs you will see:

Segments: With the options to create new segments, edit / delete existing segments, or export the subscribers that belong to certain segments into a CSV file. For details on how to create a segment using our segmentation tool, click here or for more guidance on understanding segmentation, and how it works in our system click here

Personalization Tags: This area allows you to access, copy and create personalization tags based off fields in your subscriber list so you can include those values in your email / landing page scripts, as well as in subject lines for your campaigns. For more detail on Personalization tags, view our full support article here.

Settings: This section allows you to edit the name of the list, as well as the default tag associated with the personalization tags for first and last names (i.e. the field that will appear if this is blank for a particular contact who is included in a personalized campaign)


It also allows you to update the subscription reminder text you chose, or to overwrite the company contact information included in the email by default and change this to something else for that particular list. 



If you need any further explanations, feel free to speak with one of our support agents directly by entering the live chat!

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