Include Social Links in Your Templates

Include Social Links in Your Templates

In order to ensure that your campaigns are truly optimized for the digital landscape, we highly recommend ensuring that each campaign contains more than one method of interacting with your audience. That is why we have included the facility for in-built landing pages, social posting and more within our software. 

When it comes to Social Media however we recommend that alongside sending out tweets and posts linking your social followers to your campaign content, that you also link your content back to your social sites. By including links to your Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn profiles in your emails and landing pages, you should be able to increase traffic to those pages, and hopefully secure additional social followers.

This can be used as the focus of a campaign, to push your email subscribers to sign up and follow you through social media, or simply included to give them another path through which to interact with your email / landing page.

This is very easy to include in your campaigns, simply follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Head to the Landing Page and / or Email Editor for your Campaign template

Step 2: Select the “Social Links” button and drag this across to where you would like to see it in your template

Step 3: This will populate 3 icons for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Click on this section to bring up more options. 

Step 4: Choose which social icons to include from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest by ticking the boxes outlined & then fill in your / your company’s unique account URL (e.g. writing “campaignconnex” into the twitter box so this will direct to

Step 5: Use our alignment tool to choose the location of the icons, then update with our scaler to choose the right size icons to fit with your template design, as well as spacing in between each icon used.

Step 6: Choose from more design options including whether to use circle or square shaped icons, and whether to use the default colour scheme, or change to Black icons on a white background, or white icons on a black background.

And Voila! You have now included another social aspect to your digital campaign, enhancing its potential for success! For further tips and tricks on enhancing digital campaigns, why not visit our blog?

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