Customize Button Fields

Learning to use the different elements of a comprehensive tool like our Editor can often seem like a daunting task. That’s why we have made this series of mini-guides on how to use the different elements of the tool to customize text boxes, images, logos, forms and more easily and effectively.

For Buttons we have included a number of features, which allow you to customize the presentation of these elements in your templates. These are housed in the side bar and include;


  • Button Text – this allows you to choose what your button should say – e.g. “Click here” or “Click here to download” or “Visit our website now” etc.
  • Link – this allows you to choose to assign a particular action for users to take when clicking on this button. This can be directing them to a specific URL (such as your website home page), directing them to a resource you have attached to the image (as a non-gated download), or linking them directly to the landing page for your campaign (email editor only).
  • Button Color – easily select your desired color for the button – or input your company’s “# Color Code” to match your corporate guidelines, or hit the Transparent button for a button that can blend into a background image / color
  • Text Style –  as above, easily select your desired text color by selecting from the grid, or inputting your chosen # Color Code. You can also choose font sizes and families here to give your button a consistent look and feel with the rest of your template.
  • Alignment – Allows you to choose where to align your button within the available space on the template  – to the left / right / the middle
  • Button Rounding – this allows you to customize the shape of your button. By increasing the radius of your border your button will change from a purely rectangular object, to one with more rounded edges. This allows you to re-shape the button as desired.
  • Border – This allows you to include a fixed line border around the button, as well as to customize the width of said border. This can be done either in all directions, or specifically to the left / right / top / bottom, as desired.
  • Button Sizing – This allows you to increase / decrease the amount of padding around the text contained within your button – changing how it is presented overall.
  • Margin – This allows you to customise the amount of margin around this element to meet your requirements.

If you require more information and / or advice, then we recommend either speaking directly with the support team through the live chat feature

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