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Learning to use the different elements of a comprehensive tool like our Editor can often seem like a daunting task. That’s why we have made this series of mini-guides on how to use the different elements of the tool to customize text boxes, images, logos, forms and more easily and effectively.

For Images and Logos we have included a number of features, which allow you to customize the presentation of these images in your templates. For uploading you need only drag your image and drop it into These are housed in the side bar and include;screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-15-39-46

  • Customize –  This will launch the adobe image editor and allow you to customize the image to your liking. For details on how to use the image editor / the tools included, please click here
  • Choose New –  This allows you to replace the existing image with a new one by navigating through the list of images you have previously uploaded
  • Upload New – The Manual way of replacing the image with one from a folder on your local machine. This can also be achieved by dragging the image and dropping it directly onto the image block on the main editor screen
  • Alt-Text – this allows you to choose what your recipients will see if your image does not appear (as can happen in certain mailboxes.) You can choose for this to say simply “image” or be more specific and use your header (or similar) as the alt text.
  • Link – this allows you to choose to assign a particular action for users to take when clicking on this image / logo. This can be directing them to a specific URL (such as your website home page), directing them to a resource you have attached to the image (as a non-gated download), or linking them directly to the landing page for your campaign (email editor only).
  • Alignment – Allows you to choose where to align your image – to the left / right / the middle
  • Image Scaler – this tool allows you to increase / decrease the size of your image / logo in order to fit smoothly within your chosen template
  • Border – this allows you to create a border around all sides of the image / logo or alternatively around the left / right / top or bottom side alone. You can choose the color and thickness of the border so it can be whatever you want it to be.
  • Padding – This allows you to customize the amount of padding inside the image block, in order to place your logo / image in the exact spot you desire. 
  • Margin – This allows you to customize the amount of margin around this element to meet your requirements

If you require more information and / or advice, then we recommend either speaking directly with the support team through the live chat feature

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