Use Image / Video Thumbnails

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Using Image and Video Thumbnails is a great way to bring visual appeal to your social posting and increase your social interaction rates, and it’s very easy to do so.

For images it simply involves grabbing an image from your computer and clicking / dragging in to upload and attach to your social post in seconds, though this does limit the number of characters available for twitter posts, so be sure to watch that! For Videos, we’ve also made it very simple, though it’s a slightly different process for Facebook and LinkedIn then it is for twitter:

For Twitter, you approach video thumbnails in the same way you approach image thumbnails, by simply clicking or dragging to upload the video. This attaches it to the tweet, and reduces the character limit available, same as for images. Unfortunately however twitter only accept 45 seconds of video time, so to make sure your tweet is sent smoothly, our software will automatically shorten your video to 45 seconds, if it is longer than this.

For Facebook and LinkedIn, if you wish to include a video thumbnail, then it’s a very straight forward process. All you need to do is include the  URL of the video into your post text, and no other links. This will populate the thumbnail directly into the post so your social followers need only click on the play button and watch your video content, without needing to visit any external sites.


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