Use Social Merge Tags

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When creating your scripts for social posting we recommend making use of either the Email or Landing Page merge tag or both, as this allows your social followers to easily engage with your campaign and download any content you are promoting.

To do so simply copy the Tag – either [*!EMAILURL!*] or [*!CTAURL!*] into the script for your post / tweet and this will be automatically replaced with a link to either an online version of your email, or directly to your landing page once your campaign has been sent. 

For example if my social post reads, “Download your free best practice guide to channel marketing now!” and I include the [*!CTAURL!*] tag at the end of the script, then the post which will be sent through my social accounts will be: “Download your free best practice guide to channel marketing now!” 

If you need any further advice on using our social merge tags, or to request additional tags, feel free to get in touch with a support representative directly. 

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