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Including social posts in a campaign is a good way to maximize the geographical reach of your campaign, whilst also ensuring that you stay in line with successful digital marketing techniques. Including posts / tweets with your campaign couldn’t be easier with Campaign Connex, but for a little extra guidance, follow our step by step approach outlined below:

Step 1: When setting up a campaign make sure to tick the box for “Social Posting” so that this is included in your campaign

Step 2: When you reach the social part of the campaign set-up process check the boxes for LinkedIn, Twitter and / or Facebook depending on which social networks you wish to use for this campaign

Step 3: Connect your accounts to the Campaign Connex software if you have not done so already (if you are unsure on how to do this, please view our how-to guide by clicking here)

Step 4: If you intend to include multiple posts / tweets with your campaign choose the time delay between each post (From 1 hour – 24 Hours)

Step 5: Click the tabs created entitled “Twitter”, “LinkedIn” or “Facebook” to create the script for your posts / tweets*, clicking to add image / video thumbnails** and additional posts as desired throughout the setup process. 

Step 6: Review your posts / tweets to make sure you are within the character limit and click “Save and Next” to continue with the campaign set-up process.

*When creating your scripts we recommend making use of either the Email or Landing Page merge tag – for advice on how to do so please view our How-To: Use Social Merge Tags guide by clicking here

**For details on including Image / Video Thumbnails please view our guide here

N.B. For LinkedIn / Facebook posts, if your account is connected to a company page you will be given the option to share the post as an update, post it through your company page or both. We recommend both, but that is a personal choice.

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