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As companies expand, sometimes their social networks get split up, going from one global social network to multiple networks covering different geographical regions. This is particularly common when companies expand into Non-English speaking markets for the first time.

As a result updates are needed, so with this in mind we have made it very easy to disconnect a social account so that a new one can be integrated in its place. Simply follow this quick step-by-step guide and your new social account will be set up in minutes:

Step 1: Log into the Primary User account and hit the “Profile” icon (screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-09-21-45

Step 2: Click on “ Manage Account ” and scroll down to “Social Accounts”

Step 3: Choose an account to disconnect– e.g. Twitter

Step 4: Click “Disconnect Twitter” (or Facebook / LinkedIn)

Step 5: Once the success message has been displayed, feel free to connect your new account in the same way as before*

*For a reminder on how to connect a social account please see our “How-To: Connect a Social Account” article here

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