Execute and Track your Campaign


Once you have completed all of the campaign preparation steps it’s time to start thinking about when you can get your campaign out to your subscribers. To do so we have provided 2 basic options – Send now, or Schedule for a future date / time.

To send now, simply navigate to the “Final Checklist” (Campaigns – View Campaigns – Click Hyper-linked Campaign Name) for your campaign, scroll down and click “send” – this will execute your campaign immediately and you are free to go straight to checking out the reports to see your subscribers’ activities

Alternatively by scheduling you can choose the best time / date to send your campaign (often influenced by previous activities / feedback from your target audience). To do so, navigate to the “Final Checklist” as above, but instead of clicking “send”, click “schedule”.

This will open up the scheduling options – allowing you to choose the time / date to send your email, as well as confirm the time zone your recipients are based in, so if you are emailing to a UK based list they will receive their email at 9.45 am UK time, as opposed to US Eastern time.

Once your campaign has been executed you can access your report to track subscriber behaviours – to do so either click “view report” (next to where it previously said “send” / “schedule”) or alternatively navigate to the reports page (Campaigns – View Reports), and click on the hyper-linked name of the campaign to open up the report and track your campaign’s progress.

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