Edit the “Plain Text” Version of your Email

Plain text

When designing your emails to go out to your target audience it is always worthwhile taking the time to explore the different email clients your emails could be sent to, as well as the different formats that it can be read in.  Too often mistakes are made when an HTML email is designed as no Plain Text version is put together, meaning that a number of recipients are unable to view your email on their chosen email client. 

We therefore made sure that the Final element of creation involved in our Campaign Set-up Process is confirming the Plain Text version of your HTML email. By standard this will pre-populate with the text written for the HTML version of your email, but this can be customized in whatever way you wish to give Plain Text viewers an enhanced / different experience, if desired.

This can be achieved by including links to the original HTML version that they can view online, rather than through their email client, or can be done by optimizing the content for consumption via a “text-only” device / client.

Alternatively you may decide that the pre-populated version works well, either way it is worth taking the time to review this element before moving on to ensure a positive experience for your subscribers.

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