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When first using a product like this, no matter how easy it is to use the templates on offer, you are likely to have a series of email templates that have already been prepared using tools like Dreamweaver, Visual Studio or Expression Web. To facilitate the use of these, we have made sure that you can easily upload your pre-built code to our software. To do this simply follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Navigate to the email stage of the set-up process*

Step 2: Choose the tab entitled “Upload your Own”

Step 3: If the images from your HTML page are hosted online rather than kept in a local folder then you can copy and paste the code directly into the box highlighted on the screen.** If not then go to Step 4

Step 4: Upload your Landing Page / Email as a Zip File inclusive of the images by either clicking to upload, or dragging the Zip file directly from your desktop to our software

Step 5: Once the code has been pasted in / uploaded, preview the HTML webpage to make sure you are happy then save and continue on through the set-up process. 

N.B. Unsubscribe links are added automatically to HTML uploads if they do not make use of the correct tag. If you would prefer to use your own sentence / button then please apply the following code:

For Unsubscribes: <a href=”*!UNSUB!*”>Click here to Unsubscribe</a>

For View online: <a href=”*!WEBLINK!*”>Click here to view online</a>

*For advice on how to do this if you are unsure please view our Navigate the Campaign Set-up Process guide here

**I.e. if your image source coding looks something like: <img src:””> rather than: <img src=”desktop/images/violin.jpg”>

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