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Let’s face it, the reason you signed up for our product was to send beautiful email campaigns to your subscribers. Therefore you want it to be as easy as possible for you to be able to do just that! Our system is designed to walk you through this at all times, but in case you need any extra help simply follow the steps as outlined below:

Step 1: Log into your Account

Step 2: Click the orange “Create a New Campaign” button ( screen-shot-2016-12-22-at-09-42-35 ) in the centre of the dashboard image to head to the Campaign Setup Page 

Step 3: Name your campaign so you can easily find it again later, and can track the results. This is a mandatory field, as our system uses this, along with your campaign ID, to tie your results back to the campaign. 


Step 4: If you want to run an A/B test campaign, click the Run A/B Test button and select the type of A/B campaign from the drop down options provided. If you don’t want to run an A/B test then don’t click this button.

Step 5: If you chose an A/B campaign, define the parameters (Length / Method for Choosing a Winner / % of List to include in test). If you did not, skip to Step 6


Step 6: Fill out the next couple of mandatory fields – the From Name field so your subscribers will know who is emailing them, as well as the From Email Address to confirm where the emails should be sent from. (For A/B from name campaigns you will fill in 2 options for these)


Step 7: Fill in the Subject Line you wish to have appear when you send your campaigns. (For A/B subject line campaigns you will fill in 2 of these) This again is mandatory, as without a subject line, you will not be able to execute any test or live emails sends


Step 8: Finally, you come to the optional fields where you can check the boxes for you wish to include a Landing Page, or include Social Posting in your campaign. If you are including a Landing Page you can also click to include Google Analytics tracking, using your own tracking ID – but this is purely optional. For details on social posting, why not view our social category here? And for landing pages, view our category on our HTML editors, here.


Step 9: Click Save and Next, and then follow the step-by-step process highlighted at the top of your screen to finish setting up your campaign. This will start with creating your landing page content (if included), then your email content, then social posts, then choosing your list, then testing and finally ending by scheduling / sending the campaign.

N.B. If you navigate away from the set-up process at any point and need help getting back to where you were, simply click Campaigns, then the View Campaigns options. Select the campaign you were working on and you will be directed to an overview page with the campaign setup steps highlighted and an indicator displayed as to whether you have completed them yet or not. Select the section you want to work on and voila!

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