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When you first start using a new piece of software one of the most tedious steps is data management – sorting out what data will go where and what bits to include in your initial upload and what to save for later. Often this is split out into so many lists you struggle to keep track of what’s what!

That’s why we have made our data management as easy as possible through intelligent segmentation. Once you have uploaded your list (whether already a segment of your database such as IT Managers / Northern European Companies, or your full database) if you wish to break down your list ready for specific campaigns this can all be done in our software with a few clicks of your mouse.

This means that you do not need to make a list in excel and re-upload it to our software every time you want to run a specifically targeted campaign as long as the field you wish to segment based on is already in our tool. 

To create segments of your lists just follow these simple steps as outlined below:

Step 1: Navigate to the List Management section (accessed through main menu)

Step 2: Click the hyper-linked name of the List you wish to segment

Step 3: Head to the second tab entitled “Segments” and click ” screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-09-06  ” 

Step 4: Name your segment and choose the rules you wish to segment based on*

Step 5: Save your new segment – this can now be exported or used for campaigns.

*For further details on Segmentation, including a glossary of our terms please click here

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