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In order to execute your campaigns, you will need to have your list included in our software. With this you are given a choice – you can upload different lists each time you run a new campaign, or alternatively upload all of your data, and segment it into lists as and when required. For advice on how to segment your data please click here

To upload your data please follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click the Upload / Verify a List button on the Dashboard OR Navigate to the List Management section and click the orange New List Button OR Click the New List button as part of the List Selection phase of the campaign setup process. 

Step 2: Name your list, and include a reminder as to how / why your subscribers signed up to receive emails from you. This will be included at the bottom of the emails you send to this list of subscribers. Then click save.

Step 3: This takes you to the List upload page where you can import multiple subscribers at once. Here you are given 2 options – paste in the email addresses of your subscribers to bulk upload them, or upload your list as a CSV file, either by dragging in your list directly into the drop zone outlined, or by clicking to upload. CSV templates are also provided to help format your list if required. For help with any issues with this, check out our FAQ on List Upload Errors

Step 4: Once you have chosen how you wish to import your list, click next to process the upload and you will be given a choice as to whether to upload your list automatically, or whether to pass your list through automated verification. If you choose to upload straight away, then within seconds your list will be uploaded and ready to use. 

Step 5: If you choose to verify your list, our software will review the number of contacts present and provide you with a quote. Assuming you are happy to continue, you can easily pay for the verification and the tool will get to work. You can choose to wait for the process to complete, or navigate away and do something else, as once it is completed you will be notified via email to come and view the results.

Step 6: You review the results of the verification exercise and can choose to import ONLY those contacts whose validity has been confirmed (Best practice), or alternatively you can choose to also include email addresses whose statuses were deemed ‘risky’ or ‘unknown’ but not clearly identified as ‘invalid’.*

*While on this page, you will be able to extract the details of those email addresses that fall into the individual categories (Deliverable / Risky / Unknown / Invalid) as desired, but once you have chosen which contacts to import and brought them into the system, the report will be deleted and you will no longer be able to download this information without running the verification exercise again.

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