How to Navigate the Campaign Process

Navigate Setup

Navigating the campaign process in one go is very easy, as we provide headers to show you how far through the process you are and what the next steps will be. With simple directions, once you finish a section you will be prompted to save and move on to the next section in the campaign process.

That said, often we set aside time to complete something, and then something comes up and things need to be re-scheduled. If you are in the middle of setting up a campaign when this happens and need to navigate away from the set-up process, do not panic! It is actually very easy to get back to where you were. To do so just follow this simple process:


  • Head to the main campaign page (click on the campaigns button at the top of the page) and choose the drop down option for “ View Campaigns”.
  • This brings you to a list of all of your campaigns, so scroll down until you find the campaign you were working on
  • Click the hyper-linked name of the campaign, this will take you to the checklist page, which will show you how far through the set-up process you are by outlining the list of things to tick off before scheduling / sending a campaign (as shown above)
  • To continue editing simply click on the next part of the list which has an screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-04-43 next to it to open up that section, or rework on a section already concluded by clicking on that one instead. 

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