The Campaign Set-up Process




The Campaign Set-up Process is designed to be very self-explanatory and guide you through the whole process smoothly from start to finish. In each section you will complete various elements of campaign preparation as outlined below:

  • Campaign Set-up: This is where you will choose what type of campaign you are running (Standard or A/B Test) and if you are planning to include a Landing Page and / or Social Sharing. For help on setting up a campaign, view our article here
  • Landing Page (OPTIONAL): If you chose to include a Landing Page in your campaign, the next element in the process will be to define / create the template you plan to use, as well as to choose where form submission emails should be sent to (if you included a custom form). For help on setting up your own landing page, why not view our support category on HTML editors here.
  • Email: The next element will be to define / create the template you plan to use for your HTML email. As above, this can be achieved using pre-defined layouts / templates through our editor, or alternatively you can do this by uploading your own code. This includes the Plain Text version of the email, which will pre-populate based off the HTML but can be customized as desired. For help on creating an email in our system view the support category on HTML editors here or for help on importing your own custom HTML email view our help guide here


  • Social (OPTIONAL): If you chose to include Social Posting in your campaign the next element in the process will be to define which social networks will be included, and to write the scripts for your posts / tweets. For help / a how to on setting up social posting, view our help guide here


  • Lists: This is where you will define the subscribers who will be included in your campaign, who can be selected from an existing list you have already uploaded, a segment of that list, or a new list that you plan to include for this campaign. For help related to any data management issues you may be having, view our support category here


  • Testing: Once you have created your campaign and defined all of the elements, the next step is to test it by emailing a copy of the campaign to yourself to see what your subscribers will see.


  • Launch: Finally once you have completed the process to this point, the only thing left to do is to decide whether to schedule the campaign for a future date / time, or to send immediately. Once sent, you can then view our auto-generated reports to measure the success of your campaign.

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