Individual subscribers

Over the last few months, we’ve launched several new updates to our campaign reports, giving you valuable insights into your subscriber lists as a whole so you can see trends across email clients, locations and even the times they have been interacting with your content.

We wanted to take that a step further though and so we did, providing you with the opportunity to drill down into your data, turning trend analysis information into specific details on individual subscribers.

Giving you a snapshot overview of your subscribers on an individual level, this new report allows you to see all the details you have about that particular person, including both the data you uploaded about them and the insights gathered throughout your campaign activities.

Our individual subscriber breakdown includes:

– All the data you uploaded / they provided on sign-on
– How many campaigns they’ve been involved in
– Their interaction rate across those campaigns
– A chronological breakdown of their interactions, including when and where they happened and on what email client/device
– Their last known location, shown in a visual format
– The last email client they used
– The date they last interacted with your content

With all this and more, you can get a real up close and personal look at the individuals in your subscriber list, giving you valuable insights into your customers, and helping to identify trends between them that might help build a picture of an ideal customer – something which could come in very handy when coupled with our segmentation tool.

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