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Our Platform has always allowed you to create beautiful emails, but the emphasis on developing the right images has always been placed on the user, forcing you to create what you want elsewhere before bringing it to our platform for the final production of your email. We thought this seemed like a long-winded process though so we thought long and hard about how to simplify it, and it turns out that the answer was pretty easy – get our own image editing capabilities, so we did!Our editor allows you to change font size, style, or color along with our image editor you can crop to any size you wish, add borders, change colors and rotate both text, images, and buttons to match your design or overlay text and button on images as you see fit. In simple terms, it's a simplified way that allows you to do incredible things without being advanced users.

It's easy to use and powerful and offers everything you could possibly need to create stunning, bespoke images that work for you. Check it out inside our editor by clicking on an image and selecting the new “Customize” button in your sidebar and see what it can do for you!

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