What to look for in an HTML Editor

Finding the right email marketing provider often comes down to finding the right HTML editor to suit your needs. In today’s marketing world, the use of HTML editors has become fairly standard, and as such the variety of different HTML editing tools out in the market continues to expand. So, when you are looking for your own HTML editing tool to use for your email marketing/landing pages, how can you choose which one to go for?

We thought we’d help with this by providing you with a quick & easy checklist of the 10 essential items your future editor will need, as well as 10 desirable items/areas to consider when cross comparing HTML editors.


The 10 Essential Items

1 – Ability to create & customise Text Boxes, including Font Control Options – for Sizing, Font, Colours etc

2 – Ability to create & customise white space above & below different aspects of your HTML page

3 – Ability to upload & auto-size images / logos

4 – Ability to create dividers down the page – creating 2, 3, 4, 5 (etc) column layouts for your needs

5 – Drag & Drop functionality of items (both within the editor and from the desktop to the editor)

6 – Preview Functions & Test Emailing

7 – Ability to create & customise button fields for “Call to Actions”

8 – A Form Builder for creating & customising gated forms (Landing Page-Specific)

9 – Background image / colour selection

10 – Social Buttons – for sharing / linking to social platforms


10 Desirable Items / Areas to consider when Cross-Comparing

1 – Ability to access / edit source HTML coding (for more advanced/technical users)

2 – Flexibility of social buttons – following / sharing/linking to social platforms…

3 – Previews – across different devices?

4 – Inclusion of Image editing software (like Adobe Creative Cloud Online Image Editor “Aviary”)

5 – Flexibility of “Call to Action” designs/options (Link to URL, Link to Landing Page, Link to email (with pre-populated fields?), social follow/share application..)

6 – Ability to design custom mobile/desktop versions of email/landing page

7 – Inclusion / Flexibility of Personalisation tags (Merge Tags) into the body of the email

8 – Inclusion / Flexibility of Dynamic Content Personalisation of Email imagery/content based on specific information (e.g. Gender)

9 – Inclusion of different media (images, videos etc) into the email/landing page

10 – Overall speed & ease of use

The Bottom Line

These are my essential items, and those less essential but still highly desirable items, that I consider whenever I need an HTML editor for creating my campaigns. While fairly involved, there will still be other items on other people’s list that I have not included, but these items form my checklist when comparing HTML editors.

Luckily, the Campaign Connex editor has ticked my boxes and fulfils my requirements perfectly, but that’s not to say that it’s right for you. Everyone is looking for something different – either a variety of customisable options or very little, based on their preferences and creative skillset. For me, our solution works well based on its flexibility and ease of use.

What about you? Have you ever used our Editor? Have feedback or other items you think are missing from my checklist? Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts or if you’re curious to see how our editor compares to your current solution, why not give it a try for free by setting up a free account?

Easily done with just your name & email address, no credit card required, our 30-day free trial will allow you to test-drive our software and inclusive of access to all of our market-leading features with an easy upgrade option.

Why not try yourself, Sign-up to Campaignconnex for your free trial today!

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