How to use Dynamic Content within a single newsletter

How to use Dynamic Content within a single newsletter

Did you know you can take personalization to the next level by using dynamically targeting email blocks to specific audiences? If you wish to build one newsletter, but wish to have certain sections only visible to a designated group of subscribers.

How do dynamic content blocks work?

The concept is simple – with dynamic content, you can conditionally display text, images, or other elements in email campaigns, based on custom field values. It’s similar to personalizing your campaign with custom fields, but with much greater flexibility. For example, let’s say you run an online ski clothing store and would like to promote a coupon code to your VIP customers only, however you want to send a single email campaign to your VIP and non-VIP customers respectively. No problem. With dynamic content, you can add copy for all customers…

Dynamic content in the builder

So how does dynamic content work within the builder? You go about creating your email as you would normally. When it comes to adding the line of ski clothing products to be featured, you’d create a section featuring women’s products, and then use the “who should see this” set to pick the female VIP customers segment that you’ve created in your data list.

Then you’d create the men’s version of that section and set it so that is what the male segment saw. The rest of the email, for example, a banner saying Winter Sale up to 25% OFF, would remain set to all recipients and both segments would see it. In the email preview, you can then check both versions to make sure everything was looking just right for both groups of recipients. To help make this whole process even easier, we’ve added the option to duplicate a section. It’s a fantastic time-saver that allows you to create multiple versions of the content for different segments simply by tweaking the original.

There are no limits to what you can do with this new feature of ours, only the limits of your own imagination.

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