Update on Campaignconnex & GDPR Compliance

GDPR is what everyone is talking about right now, but what exactly does it mean for you when using Campaign Connex? Well the good news is that we’ve got it covered so you don’t have to worry! GDPR came into effect and has changed the way data is handled, and so now you need permission to store data on your customers, and be 100% sure that they have opted in to receiving marketing communications from you, or else you’ll end up facing serious legal trouble.

Luckily Campaignconnex has been optimized to ensure that any issues with this will be flagged up early on. Our built in sign up forms come with opt-in permissions recorded so you can be sure that new customers will be completely aware of how their data will be used, and how you as a company will be handling their data securely and adhering to GDPR policy.

For those you are already working with before coming to us however, you will need to ensure that you have obtained permissions from them prior to upload, and take ownership of this. When uploading your contacts you will be flagging them as being opted-in, though we may do spot checks on this for compliance purposes, particularly if there are high unsubscribe rates from your campaigns.

With these checks in place and others behind the scenes, you can be sure that Campaignconnex will do our part to keep you on the right side of GDPR. Stay tuned for more to come.

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