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How it works

- Drag & Drop your CSV file
- An initial review will identify bad syntax errors
- SMTP will send out commands to verify the validity of domains
- After validating domains, individual mailboxes will be examined
- Results will be sent to our software regarding each mailbox's status
- To conclude, a summary graph will be presented outlining the results

You can then extract all data, import the "Deliverable Guaranteed" data only, or choose to import the "Risky & Unknown" data as well.

Benefits of our software

- 95% + delivery gate guarantee on processed data
- Increased response rates from campaigns executed
- Protects and enhances your sender reputation
- Helps avoid service provider blacklisting
- Increases ROI for marketing campaigns
- Reduces marketing spend required to hit targets
- No reliance on 3rd party tools.

Maximize ROI with our other tools

- Drag & drop HTML editors for both email and landing pages
- Industry-leading 5 options A/B testing possibilities
- Integrated social posting, sharing, and reporting
- Automation tools
- Selection of sign-up forms 

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