Email list & subscriber management

Our subscriber interface makes it easy to add, filter, and organize your subscribers.
All of your segments, groups, and subscriber details can be easily managed in one place.

Easily import subscribers

You can easily add subscribers through our sign-up forms and API integrations. Or, upload your subscriber email lists via CSV or copy/paste from Excel. Campaignconnex recognizes every field automatically and lets you organize them.

Use custom fields

Add and store information about your subscribers using as many data fields as your heart desires. The more details you have, the easier it is to create highly-targeted segments and interest groups.

Edit individual profiles

Update individual profiles whenever you want or simply capture new information each time you send out a campaign to your subscriber list using custom fields. You can also manually modify your subscription settings, revising which group that subscriber belongs to. We also provide GDPR functionality to address a subscriber's right to information.

Create segments

Segment your subscriber lists based on previous engagement, location, age range, or whatever else is relevant to your email marketing campaigns.

Create groups (Tags)

It is easy to create subscriber groups (tags) based on their behaviors or interests (e.g. Sporting activity, traveler, holiday destination, etc.) You can manually move subscribers into groups or set automation based on action steps.

Keep your email list healthy

By removing your inactive subscribers automatically. You’ll save money by removing those stale emails while keeping a healthy sender reputation. Moreover, you’ll get higher open/click rates which will improve deliverability.

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