Send personalized emails to improve your customer experience. Add names and other personal details such as birthdays and/or location to different parts of your email to encourage interest and make them feel special.

Ways to personalize using custom fields

Custom fields within Campaignconnex allow you to easily personalize your campaign. You can include as many fields as needed to maximize the effects. The more information you have, the more fields you add and the more personal the result.

Automating personal emails

Our automation tool allows you to create all types of personal emails or reminders like a welcome series, personal reminders, birthday greetings, date-based campaigns and re-engagement emails based on your subscribers’ behaviors.

Personalizing text within the email

You can add personal touches within the text of your email. You can add details like a subscriber’s anniversary date, other special occasions  or rememberable places like their hometown, making the email feel like it was meant just for them.

Adding perheader text

Preheader text can really make the difference between an open and a bounce. By adding personalization, you’ll can stand out in a crowded inbox and get noticed.

By subject line

Improve open rates by adding a name or personal fact to the subject line. When a subscriber sees their name or favorite sports team, they are more likely to open your email.

Additional personalization features

Personalization doesn't have to end with just custom fields. You can add more personal touches by using our dynamic
content blocks, recognized name and return address, segmentation and combination of advance sending times options.

Dynamic content blocks

By sending an email to your subscribers, but personalize a section for only a few to see. You can make sections
of your email visible to only a select group or you can choose who can see the block – all recipients, a specific
 group or recipients who match your custom criteria.

Personalize your ‘from sender’ address

Rather than using a generic email address. You can add an extra layer of personalization by using your real name and email address. Your subscribers will feel more comfortable when they see that you are a real person.

Personalize sending time

You can send your emails across the globe at different times based on each subscriber’s time zone ensuring you maximize your open rates. No more midnight emails (unless that’s what you want).

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