Drag-and-drop newsletter editor

Now anyone at any skill level can design newsletters like a pro. Simply drag email blocks and drop them where you want.
Our pre-built blocks support a variety of designs, video, social media, and dynamic content.


Customize sections of your newsletter using dynamic content blocks

Using dynamic targeting blocks to tailor to your specific audiences, you can build one newsletter that allows you to target certain sections of your newsletter that is only visible to a designated group of subscribers allowing you to take personalization to the next level.

Integrate your social media posts with email

You can now combine email and social media to streamline your campaign efforts. Our editor allows you to insert social media blocks directly into your emails, change the icon shapes and colors of the icons.

Personal touches in your emails are a key to success

When planning your email content, you should remember that your subscribers receive a lot of different emails every day. Adding a personal touch within the body of your email content may be the difference as to why those subscribers read what you are offering. It could be as simple as inserting your subscriber’s name, location, or a variety of other personal elements to make that special connection.

Create your own newsletter templates

You may want to build your own gallery of personal designs and reuse them for future campaigns instead of utilizing one of our pre-built templates or simply use one of our's as your design guild.

Responsive for all devices

Your email marketing tool should always be responsive to all devices. Every email, newsletter,
and landing page is responsive when viewed from mobile devices and tablets.

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