Auto resend your unopened campaigns

Give your subscribers a second bite of the cherry and allow them the opportunity to connect with your newsletters with our auto resend feature. When your marketing message contains key information, our auto resend feature gives you that extra opportunity to connect.

3 types of auto resend campaigns

The quickest way to build an auto resend campaign is to amend the subject line and then repurpose the same content. However, you can improve your results by simply changing both the subject and aspects of the content. For even greater results, just add a personal follow up note.

Automatically follow up with a personal note

One tried and test method is simply that will help improve your engagement is adding a personal message before your email. Most subscribers appreciate the extra effort and in turn, will be more likely to interact with your brand.

Save time and reach more subscribers

We know your time is valuable so rather than collating non-open reports or drafting another email, you can save time by using auto resend and reach up to more than 30% more subscribers.



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