Email A/B split testing

Before you send your email to ALL your subscribers, you should consider optimizing it with A/B split testing. By sending two variations of your email to a sample group of your list and see which email performs better.

Choose what to A/B test in email marketing

A/B testing in email marketing is a way to evaluate which of two emails will be more effective. You set up identical emails, but change one variable, such as the email subject, sender details, email content, or even your design.

Pick winning emails automatically

Automated email testing allows you to set the sample size and the winning criteria. Campaignconnex can automatically send the winning email to the rest of your subscribers. However, if you prefer, you can also select the winner manually.

View your email A/B test results

With Campaignconnex advance reporting capabilities, it is easy and quick to see all the email split testing results within your reports page. You’ll learn how your subscribers react to different factors, which you can use to optimize future campaigns.

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