All New Engagement Level Reporting

We count ourselves really lucky here at Campaignconnex that we’ve been blessed to have a team that is so focused on innovation, particularly because sometimes we get the distinct honour to introduce something truly amazing to our clients, and today is one of those days!

Our tech team has been working hard on a new idea to give marketing and sales teams more insight into the behaviours of their customers and how they interact with the content delivered to them.

Prior to today, our customers were able to see who was opening their emails, what links were being clicked on and where their customers were ending up after reading their emails and well where, when and how these emails were being read.

This was good information of course and has helped many of our customers to generate real business and make tailored marketing decisions, particularly those taking advantage of our A/B testing options.

The one thing we felt was missing though was an insight into those customers who were opening emails but not appearing to interact with them.

So we asked ourselves, what were these recipients up to? Were they just deleting these emails, did they skim them and go no further, or were they in fact reading the emails and showing interest in the content, even if the links provided were not relevant to them somehow? It was then we realised the power that this information could give a marketing and sales team, and we vowed to find you the answers!

Well, we’re happy to report that as of today we’ve achieved exactly that! Thanks to some clever tinkering by our fabulous tech team, we’ve introduced a new level of engagement reporting into our Advanced Reporting Module that drills further into the activity of your email openers!

Check it out for yourself and see how long people are interacting with your emails for, and review breakdowns of those who are:

Simply looking at them and then deleting them, implying no interest in the content, or that something has put them off

Skimming the email, implying light interest in the message/content that could be built upon digitally

Reading the email, regardless of further interaction, suggesting genuine interest in the message you are trying to send

This type of information should prove invaluable for making marketing decisions, as you’ll easily see the level of interest in your message from those who interact with your content above and beyond just those who have accepted your chosen Call to Action.

Use this information to tailor messages for the future to help maximize your recipients’ screen time for your content, or alternatively, fast track follow-ups to those individuals whose interest levels are clearly piqued so you can see how your sales team can best support them to take their interest to the next level.

The opportunities with this are endless, and we hope you enjoy taking the time to explore each and every one of them!

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