Introducing the Drag & Drop Editor 3.0

Those of you who have been using Campaign Connex for a while now will already be familiar with the way in which we regularly seek to update our platform and drive innovation, and our email editor is no exception.

Brilliant though it may have been, if we do say so ourselves, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make it even better and we’re pretty proud of what we’ve come up with, check it out for yourself!

What’s Changed?

We wanted to make the process of using our editor more seamless, and so we’ve enhanced its core component dramatically – that of its drag & drop functionality. Now, rather than just being able to drag components across from our menus and move whole blocks up and down the body of your email, you’ll be able to do so much more…

Drag & Drop Upload of Images: (Change Image to Video clip if possible)

Rather than clicking to go through multiple files, simply drag your chosen image onto the drop zone, and voila! Instant upload, exactly where you wanted it to go, no mess, no fuss!

Bespoke Layouts: (Change Image to Video clip if possible)

On top of choosing the number of different elements to fit in each section of your email, you can now use the power of your mouse to resize each piece at will. Want a 60 / 40 split between two elements? Done! Want to have three elements across the page, each one smaller than the last? Done! Whatever you want to achieve our resizing blocks can do it now, and all will be automatically optimized for mobile too, win-win!

Extending Layout Lengths: (Change Image to Video clip if possible)

We’ve always allowed you to extend the size of layouts using our padding and margin functions, but we heard you when you said this was a little complicated, so we’ve simplified this for you.

Simply grab hold of the end of a block within your email and drag downwards to increase it in size, adding in padding automatically and ensuring it will look great on any device.

And that’s just the start; lookout for new updates coming your way soon! With these new and innovative changes to our platform already helping you design amazing emails even more easily than before, just imagine what the future with Campaign Connex could really look like for your marketing efforts!

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