Update on Domain Authentication

Hey guys! Just a quick update regarding domain authentication to highlight your options here, as several of our customers have expressed some confusion on this topic. We don’t blame you; it’s a tricky area, so we thought we’d clarify the situation here for you.

With every email campaign that you send out, deliverability is the main goal. To do this a trackable ID is enclosed within each email to demonstrate to your subscribers’ email provider that you are a legitimate sender, rather than a spammer. This increases your deliverability and gets more emails into inboxes rather than junk folders.

As we want our customers to achieve maximum deliverability, our system offers this ID through DKIM authentication automatically, and this is given to all customers from the minute they sign up to our system. This means that everyone has access to the same benefits, and means that you don’t need to touch any of your DNS records or anything like that, it’s all set up straight away.

The downside of this however is that your “from email address” will be changed to reflect our sending domain as this is where the authentication lies. So rather than emails being delivered from “joe@yourcompany.com” it will be delivered instead from “yourcompany@campaignconnex.com” or “joe@campaignconnex.com” though of course the reply-to address would still be your original email address.

Given the downsides of this, we encourage our users to take advantage of our custom domain validation option. It’s something that can be done by yourself using the tools inside our software, with a handy walkthrough already available in our knowledge base. If you really struggle though, our customer support team is on hand to give you guidance on this and help you to achieve this.

Really, it’s your best option, as whilst being pre-approved on our domains can work well for those of you with smaller lists, it also means you can be impacted by the campaigns of others using the same domain. Those of you with larger lists will already have completed this process, as our system only allows you to send through our approved domains to lists of less than 500 subscribers. For the ones using smaller lists though, we do advocate doing this as well, as by using your own domain, you regain control and can build yourself an amazing online reputation with support from everyone here at Campaignconnex.

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