Advanced Data Management Options

Upload, verify, segment, personalize, use custom field insights - all the tools you need for truly targeted and personalized campaigns

Import and verify your data

Easily import new subscribers at the click of a button - individually or in bulk!

Duplicates are automatically detected and removed in line with our anti-spam policy, so you will never need to worry about bombarding your subscribers with duplicate e-shots.

On top of this, you can choose to have all new email addresses automatically validated by our in-built email verifier, so you know you are only ever adding good quality data to your subscriber lists.

Easily Segment Lists

Use our built-in tools to slice and dice your data based on a variety of factors to send out more targeted and personalized campaigns.

Choose from a variety of field options including gender, industry, age, and even customize fields like number of IT users to create your chosen segment for a truly targeted campaign.

Take a step further and create segments based on levels of engagement from previous email campaigns – perfect for planning email re-sends, as well as nurturing campaigns.

Subscriber Insights

Drill down for a truly granular view of your contacts, including profiling insights such as:

- All details provided upon initial upload - easily amendable as required

- Any new profiling insights gained from forms and other campaign tools

- High level snapshots showing average open / click rates across all campaigns

- Overviews of specific campaign interactions, including response types and so much more

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