Cross Campaign Reporting

Hi guys! As you know we’re always busy as beavers working away on new ideas of how we can help you use the power of Campaign Connex to drive higher ROI from your marketing and sales initiatives, and today we’re happy to announce the latest update to our reporting toolset: Cross-Campaign Reporting!

Launched exclusively to our Pro customers, this new reporting option allows you to take the power of our Advanced Reporting module to the next level! Now not only will you be able to analyse your campaign’s individual performance, but you’ll also be able to see the results of all of your email marketing efforts through Campaign Connex all in one place.

Look back on your performance over the entire quarter or group individual campaigns together with just a few clicks, either factoring in all campaigns or segmenting to review individual efforts throughout your chosen time period!

This kind of intelligence makes it easy for you to identify trends in your customers’ behaviour, such as times of highest engagement and the best performing geographical regions, as well as highlighting handy hints about the types of campaigns that seem to generate the best results for you.

This is just another way Campaign Connex is making life easier for Marketers and we will continue to do so. Look out for our next exciting update coming soon, and remember we’re always happy to take feedback and ideas from our customers as to what more we can do for you…


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