How a Countdown Timer can help generate revenue

Adding countdown timers in your email newsletters can help drive engagement with your audience in a variety of ways. A countdown clock works well to visualize the days left until your event or special promotion. E.g.




Limited edition or product release –

When things are new or exclusive, announce it in a seasonal setting. In real life this might happen with a launch party, in the email world, this means an eye-catching email template announcing the release.

Voucher redemption –

Discount coupons are an excellent tool to get people to sign up for your list, though not every subscriber is ready to order the moment the voucher arrives in their inbox. 

Seasonal events –

New Year Sales, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mother’s Day, Boxing Day – we all love a good sale! Create a buzz by counting down to major seasonal events and tease subscribers by giving them a sneak peek of your jaw-dropping offers by adding a countdown timer in the announcement.

VIP or early access –

One of the many perks of email marketing is that your campaigns are exclusively sent to those on your email list. You can spoil subscribers by giving them early access to VIP affairs or flash sales. This makes them feel like they’re part of a members-only community.

Course promotions –

To promote your course via email, you can send an exciting email that highlights your key messages around:

  • Course announcement
  • Early bird registration for a special price
  • Hurry! The prices will go up soon
  • Prices have gone up to the normal rate
  • Last call for enrolment

Webinar or live stream events –

In most cases, only a percentage of those who’ve signed up for your your webinar or live stream event will actually attend. That’s why it’s important to remind people about your online get-together.

Countdowns work super well in a couple of online video event email sequences. Most organizers send 3 emails — a registration confirmation email, a reminder a couple days before the event and a final notification 1-3 hours before going live.

Price changes –

Price increases are frustrating events. If you had only known the price of an item that you want increases tomorrow, do you wait or make the purchase today? Our guess is that you’re already on your way to get your credit card.

Sale ends soon –

How often have you thought, I’ll get that purchase or those tickets later and forgotten all about it and been disappointed? The “hurry up the sale is ending soon” countdown newsletter reminds all your customers that you have a small window of opportunity to those products or services before the price increases. That’s the reason “Stores use them”. The counter makes the email interactive and tempts the reader to snatch their favourite pieces before it’s too late.

Just to name a few ideas…….



To add the timer, simply drag your countdown block and drop into your email template.

Then on the right-hand side of the editor you can quickly set the date and time for the length you wish to run your event or special promotion for.

Once you’ve dragged the timer to the desired spot in your newsletter, you can choose the specific time and date.

With our countdown timer, you can also centralize or align the timer to the left or right of the block. In addition, you can now change the colors for both the font or background as well as adding additional padding to both the top and bottom margins of the block and lastly add a border.

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