Using an Email Marketing platform to keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds during these challenging times

It’s been a tough few weeks across the world as we navigate a new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic.

From a personal standpoint, many of us are practising social distancing by staying inside, cancelling plans, and avoiding crowded spaces. Even when we venture out, we’re using masks and other safety equipment (available on

Professionally, most of us are working from home with an indefinite timeline of when we’ll be returning to our offices. If you’re working in eCommerce, you’re likely experiencing interruptions to your day-to-day operations due to supply chain issues, changes in demand, and retail closures, to name just a few of the many challenge’s businesses are currently facing.

During this time, there are many questions that arise around how you should move forward—do you continue marketing as normal? Should you address the situation at hand? Do you communicate the measures you’re taking as a brand or make yourself scarce in the inbox? Should you push off that large announcement or new product release? How much communication is enough and how much is too much?

It can all be a bit overwhelming.

At Campaignconnex, we talk a lot about having empathy—for each other, for our community, and for our customers. As you contemplate the best way to communicate with your customers and as we collectively navigate this crisis, we’ve taken a view that small to medium size companies should continue to effectively and appropriately get their message across by asking this one question when thinking about your email strategy and other marketing communications is who you should be sending your emails to.

People are overwhelmed by information coming at them from everywhere—the news, social media, their families, their peers, and the individuals and companies they follow. While it’s important to communicate information with your customers, consider doing so on a need-to-know basis by segmenting your audience.

If you’re closing your retail stores, perhaps you could only notify customers who live near those locations. For example, if you only have a physical retail presence in New York City, London or Sydney you could email that list directly with specific information regarding the closings and then release a more general statement to your larger list.

For other messages, you may want to consider sending to a VIP list as well as customers that you have delivered services to in the last 90 days. Especially it doesn’t matter if you’re a large or small brand with a long list of subscribers, this will help ensure your message is both hitting the inbox and only being sent to your most engaged subscribers.

If you want to segment your lists but you’re worried about greater visibility, you can also post your updates on social media using our platform.

Letting your customers and suppliers know you are still there….

When it comes to building deep, long-lasting relationships with your customers and supply chains, even in the best of times but especially in the worst of times, it’s important to show empathy for what your customers and your suppliers may be dealing with personally, professionally, and as a global citizen.

Therefore, Campaignconnex is offering a discount of 25% off to all new subscriptions for the first 200 new customers through the next 3 months from April to the end of June 2020 using this code WoZ4tzZ1.

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