Amplifying the Reach of Email Campaigns with Social Media

Increase your audience through integration

Marketing Best Practice dictates that it is often better to combine multiple marketing channels when taking a message to market. Most often this is translated as combining digitally-led campaigns such as e-shots, with telemarketing follow-up.

Whilst I agree that this has in the past been an effective method for lead generation, the downside of this type of integration comes in the form of audience size. Traditionally agencies would send out an email, or series of emails to a finite audience – for the sake of argument let’s say 1500 contacts.

From this c.10-15% would view the email content and c. 5% would engage with it, depending on the message, market, and other factors. So from a digital perspective, your message would only have reached 150-225 people. The telemarketing follow-up then would occur, focused predominantly upon those 150-225 people, with very few contact attempts made outside of this area.

So whilst adding in a second channel to market in this scenario may have increased the quality and length of engagements with your message, it did nothing to expand your reach outside of your subscriber list. Social media on the other hand is a great way to do exactly that.

Adding in posts/tweets that reference your email campaigns and provide links to campaign landing pages or online versions of your emails can be an excellent way of increasing your audience size a hundredfold without any heavy investment. Whether you choose to rely on organic tweets/posts sent out to your social followers or opt for paid ads / sponsored updates, social media provides a channel through which you can easily amplify the reach of your campaign messages.

Marketers often argue about the effectiveness of each channel – some preferring email for its effectiveness when it comes to lead generation and ROI, whilst others prefer Social Media as it does not require designer input and can spread the message out across broader networks.

What is clear, however, is that combining the strengths of each channel together helps to eliminate each of the channel’s weaknesses. By linking social posts to email content, you will see an increase in socially driven leads, and by referencing email content in social posts you will push your best content in front of a larger audience than email alone can provide.

What about you? Do you combine email and social media together? Or is your preference for other digital combinations? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts!


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