Announcing Automation!

Announcing Automation!

Automation is the marketing of the future. It’s an amazing way of ensuring that all your customers get the special one on one treatment they deserve, without the hassle and expenditure of paying someone to keep that close of an eye on them.

Here at Campaignconnex we love Automation, and so we’ve been working behind the scenes to bring this amazing marketing tool to our customers, and guess what? Job done!

As from today customers will be able to take advantage of a new Automation tool stored inside our main Campaignconnex platform. They can use this to build bespoke journeys for their customers to take, by attaching an automated journey onto any of their subscriber lists.

Reacting to changes such as joining a list or pre-built segment or reacting to a particular campaign, our software allows you to send out automated follow on emails to nurture their interests and encourage further engagement, or to offer handy hints as needed.

There are no limits to what you can do with this new tool of ours, only the limits of your own imagination.

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