Announcing Automated Link Validation

Here at Campaignconnex, we’re all about testing tools at the moment, and to follow on from our introduction of a new Spam Testing tool and our amazing Inbox Preview software, we’ve created something new that we think our clients will love. Ever receive an email and click on a button to find that nothing happens? Or worse, that it sends you somewhere completely unexpected, like a dead page? Well no more!

Thanks to Campaignconnex’s incredibly talented team of developers, we’re announcing a new tool for our customers to take advantage of, our Link Validation software. Built into the campaign process, this optional extra will give our customers the opportunity to automatically review their templates and flag up the links included inside, showing them where these point to and also confirming if the pages are live or not.

That’s right, with just a couple of clicks and a few seconds of waiting time, you can be certain you’ll avoid the embarrassment of sending out dodgy links with your content and be sure that every penny spent on your campaign was worth it for generating the ROI that you were looking for. Check it out for yourself today and take some of the pressure off yourself by relying on the brilliance of this new automated tool for success!

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