New Advanced Reporting!

We’re always looking to find new and exciting ways for our customers to get to know their subscribers, and we think we’ve outdone ourselves. Moving beyond simple open and click reporting, we can now offer you:


Timeline Graph:

Easily see when your subscribers are interacting with your emails to identify the best performing days/times of the week from your campaigns. View this in graph or table format for easy digestion of data and reap the rewards as you tailor your next campaigns on the intelligence gained.

Email Client Breakdown:

Drill down into the most popular email clients used by your subscribers to note key trends, as well as the prevalence of mobile users. Armed with this information you can then ensure you test your campaign material against those clients to ensure your audience is seeing the same perfect email that you are!



Worldview Overlay Reporting:

Track where your subscribers are opening your emails and see in real-time how your campaign is performing across multiple regions. Whether you are sending on a national or international basis, review our world map to see email open and click statistics as well as social interactions presented to you in an elegant and visually appealing manner!

The Drill Down Factor: (Image needs to be taken from a well-used account)

Need more unique insights into specific subscribers? No problem! Simply click on a subscriber from within your list to view a breakdown of their recent campaign activity and the email client they use as well as insights into their last known location and when they last interacted with you.

You can also now download any of our reports as a PDF to share with your colleagues or use to enhance your own internal campaign reports! Go on, head on inside and execute a new campaign to see what our analytics can tell you about your subscribers. Every little helps!

Introducing the Link Overlay Report

Let’s face it, 95% of your campaigns if not more will be focused on convincing your subscribers to interact with your content. We measure the success of our campaigns in terms of the number of these interactions we see, either as a statistic by itself or in tandem with the financial benefit of driving traffic to specific places. But what if we could do more?

That was the question that plagued us, wondering what we could do to help give you more insight into your customers’ behaviours and the ways in which they interacted with your content. It was then that we realised what to do, it was simple really, and just like that the Link Overlay tool was born, our newest and most exciting report, offering you two amazing reports in one:

1 - Granular Breakdown of Link Activity:

By providing you with a drop-down list of all of the links included in your email, you can see the number of times each link was clicked, and even drill down into who those individual ‘clickers’ were. This gives you vital information about the best-performing links within your email content as well as a way of tracking your return on investment by matching your subscribers’ interactions with purchases made on your landing sites.

2 - Visual Overlay of Interactions:

By producing a snapshot of your campaign content, this report shows you the specifics of where on your emails people are clicking. By both highlighting the call to action that performed the best and providing a % breakdown of how many clicks each call to action received, this report gives you all the information you’ll need to optimize your campaign’s design and content so you can maximize the number of interactions you’ll see with your future campaigns.

Check it out for yourself now, included in all accounts, standard & premium!

Announcing A/B Testing!

If you’re looking for a new way of maximizing the returns from your campaigns, look no further. Campaignconnex has worked hard these last couple of months to produce our latest development – A/B testing for all users.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro with email marketing platforms, or you’re new to the scene, A/B testing can be a powerful tool for maximizing the results you’ll see from your campaign efforts.

So what kind of testing can you do?

We’ve developed four ways for you to test your campaigns in order to increase your open and click rates. These will allow you to test:

  1. Your Display Name – Choose to alternative the display name associated with your campaign to see who gets more interactions from your audience. Try different people within your organization, different genders, or even compare named individuals against department names. Anything is possible.
  2. Your Email Address – Choose between two email addresses for sending out your campaign content. Contrast whether marketing@ performs better than info@ or whether you’ll get more interactions if you send via an individual’s email box instead (i.e. John.smith@). Give it a try, and remember you can always choose a different “reply-to” address if you’re using your boss’ email!
  3. Your Subject Line – The most common choice for A/B testing, the subject line is perhaps the most crucial element of any campaign. Worded well, you’ll get tonnes of people opening your email to engage with your content, but if your subject line is poor then most of your subscribers will never see the amazing content you’ve worked so hard on putting together.
  4. Your Send Time – Prepare your campaigns in advance by testing the best times to launch. Choose two times that you want to send and then assess the results before launching your campaign properly at the higher-performing time the next day, maximizing your interactions and yielding greater ROI.

With four options to choose from you’re spoilt for choice with Campaign Connex, so why not log in and try A/B testing today and see how your campaign performance improves?


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