Presenting A/B Testing for Campaign Content!

A/B Testing is a great way of having your subscribers tell you when you’re doing something right, and our customers know this all too well. Thanks to our existing A/B testing options, our users have been able to maximize their returns from their campaigns for months now, getting higher open and click rates from their campaigns by testing subject lines, sender information and more.

As great as this has been though, we’re incredibly excited to present our newest A/B testing option, one that we believe will soon become our most popular one too – Email Content Testing!



That’s right; Campaign Connex has launched A/B testing of Email content, giving you the chance to test two completely different versions of the same email against each other in order to reap the greatest rewards possible.

With this new testing option, your choices are limitless, you can test on the smallest elements, or the biggest choosing from testing different coloured buttons, or two completely different email designs!


You can test on literally anything you want, but to help you get started, here are a few of our suggestions:


  1. Locations of your Buttons / Call to Actions
  2. The Text of your Buttons / Call to Actions
  3. Colors associated with your Buttons / Call to Actions
  4. Landing Sites associated with your Buttons / Call to Actions
  5. Your email’s copy
  6. Font styles
  7. Banner Image
  8. Other Images
  9. Size of Social Icons
  10. Use of Personalization tags

Remember these are but a few choices, your options are limitless so think on it, what would you want to test, something small or an entirely different design? The sky is the limit, so enjoy!

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