5 “Non Subject Line” Tips for Increasing Open Rates

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Perhaps the two most important metrics in email marketing are Open and Click-through rates, but for completely different reasons. This article focuses on Open rates – a great metric for measuring the reach of your message.

Open rates demonstrate how many people are actually viewing your email content. This gives you a good baseline for measuring the percentage of your subscribers who are potentially interested in what you have to say in a general sense.

So how can you increase your open rates?

Open rate metrics can be invaluable to a marketer, especially if they are unsure on which topics will be of most interest to their target audience. Unfortunately maximizing open rates can also be a nightmarish task leveled on the shoulders of a marketing team, that’s why we’ve put together our top tips to see if they can help!

Check them out below:

1 – Look into your Sender Reputation:

Nowadays your sender reputation is more important than ever. Dictating not only how fast your emails are sent out through your chosen email platform, but also the likelihood of a mailbox accepting your email. If your email is full of potential spam triggers, then the next step a spam tester will undertake is to look at your sender's reputation. If this is good, then you may just make it past the barrier and hit inboxes, if it is not so good, then you won’t.

Equally, even if your email is perfectly free of any and all potential spam triggers, a bad sender reputation can still divert your email straight to junk, and with fewer emails hitting the inbox directly, your open rate will start to decline. For further advice on deliverability why not check out our handy guide for marketers?

2 – Be consistent with your “From” Name and Email:

Using the same “From” name and email address gives a subscriber a sense of consistency – they can easily identify emails that have come from you and know how they are likely to respond. If you have a positive relationship with your subscribers and have supplied them with what they wanted so far, then constantly changing your “from” information may be a blocker to a higher subject line – people are just not seeing that it is from you. On the other hand, it is worth doing an A/B test on this from time to time, to make sure that the “From” information you are using, is being used to its maximum potential.

3  – Make use of a Pre-Header:

Some applications, such as Outlook and Gmail, allow a user to view the first sentence or few words of the email right after the subject line. This allows them to get a sense of the inside of an email with a single glance. If done correctly, it can make the difference between a glance, and an open.

4 – Pay Attention to the Frequency of your Emails:

Whether you feel that you are sending too much, or not enough email, understanding frequency is key to ensuring high open rates. In our tell-all article “The truth about email frequency revealed” we discuss how sending more email (within reason) can increase open rates and gain more exposure for your emails.

One thing to bear in mind though is individual subscriber preferences. You may have a large segment of subscribers who are happy/keen to receive daily emails from you, but others may not be so keen – so rather than lose them as an unsubscribe, offer a chance to choose the frequency of emails they receive – not only will this increase open rates, but it will help gain more subscriber loyalty.

5 – Apply Quality Control to your Email Database:

Perhaps the most important one of my top 5 tips here is this last one – which I must confess, is a bit of a two-parter! In the first instance, I mean this in the sense of regularly putting your email database through email address verification checks. This ensures that you remove old and invalid data, as well as swapping out data that always results in soft bounces. Once removed, your list may be smaller – but your deliverability rate will be higher, ensuring that your sender reputation stays positive, and your open rates increase.

The second instance is a little more controversial – send emails offering an Opt-Out. I know, suggesting to people they should leave your database? It’s a little out there, but it works – if 60% of your subscribers are not engaging with your emails in any way, then it seems likely that they have long since switched off from you. Sending an email offering them a chance to opt-out will likely cause many of them to unsubscribe, but it will also cause some to re-engage, reminding them of why they subscribed in the first place. At the end of the day, your list will be smaller, but it will be more targeted, and with those subscribers who are no longer interested in your brand removed, you will see a demonstrable increase in your open rate.

At the end of the day, there are so many things you can do to increase your open rates, it doesn’t all come down to subject line preferences. That said, the quickest way to increase your open rates is indeed to follow best practice for subject lines – so why not find out more by checking out these articles:

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